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By Vienna-based Award winning Film Composer Christian Mayrhofer




A lot of people tend to chew up the screnery.
I'm a firm believer in less is more, especially on the big screen" (M.W.)


Composer for Feature Film



I am happy to announce that I will score the feature film "Edda Tudor" by Grace Denker. Coming soon!



Grace Denker, Katrine Eichberger, Danny Thomas, Coleen Sciacca, Mirko Kraft, Florian Korty, Christian Mayrhofer, Leo Goll, Janne Jürgensen, Julius Galla, Jakob Günther, Elias Müller, Svea Bein, Priscilla Wittmann, Jonas Gersmehl, Yamuna Sieber,  Albert Bischoff, Maximilian Heitmeyer, Silke von Voigt, Dilara Braun, Miguel Francisco Bata, Esra Karasu, Georg Steffens, Paula Tuschner, Christina Lindner, Alina Klammt, Elias Goekmen.


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Award Winner
International Horror Hotel Film Scoring Competition 2018

Watch award-winning trailer here

Winner of Award at the International Film Scoring Competition in Ohio, US
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Award Winning Score
International Indie Gathering Film Festival 2018

Watch award-winning trailer here

Winner of  Honorable Mention Award at the International Indie Gathering

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"Very nice use of percussive elements (...) Very nice creative use of electronics (...) Great job!
Grand, without being overly so (...) Good sense of musical boundaries."


The Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition Feebacks

Berlin International Film Scoring Competition

SPUTNIK - Film Scoring

Submission Berlin International Film Scoring Competition
(Top 17% of 287 submissions)

Credits: SPUTNIK // Written, Directed and Produced by MAXIM ZHESTKOV // Design/Direction MAXIM ZHESTKOV // Compositing ALEXANDER KULIKOV // Animation DMITRII KOLPAKOV // Character Design BEN MAURO // Mo-Cap Actor YAROSLAV ANDRONOV // FX Artist ARTUR GADZHIEV // Charater CG Producer MAXIM MIHEENKO // Charakter Artist KONSTANTIN ILLIN // Additional Character Artist NIKITA REPLYANSKI // CG/Cinematography MAXIM ZHESTKOV // Foley Recording ANNA CIGANKOVA // 3D Character FOX 3D STUDIO // Motion Capture DA STUDIO // Foley/Sound Recording CINELAB SOUNDMIX // Sound design / music (Original) ALEXANDER PLOTNIKOV // // // # Sputnikshort // Music composed for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2018. // Music Composed by CHRISTIAN MAYRHOFER

Areas of Work

Film Scores

Film Scoring means having a deep understanding for scenes, roles and stories by feeling their pulse and meaning. Finding the right sound mix for a film, documentary or any other genre is something, that is deeply routed with personality, personal experience and the ability of empathy. Let the score  become a part of your story.


Online Content, Games & Media

Starting from Gaming and Online Content of every kind over E-Learning Programs and other media related contents:  Special and appropriate sound effects, Soundtracks and the right Scoring shape and accentuate every situation in its original meaning. Let us start building  new online content together.


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