Eight Forest Productions originates from the idea of history charged forests combined with eight as a number that symbolizes vertical infinity.
The Eighth Forest therefore stands for a musical production space for endless stories and sceneries.

Christian Mayrhofer

Christian Mayrhofer is a Vienna-based award-winning composer and producer. He started producing at an early age in the genres Hip Hop and Pop. Over the years he developed a deep passion for adding musical expression to films, ads and online contents.


Apart from composing and producing he works in the field of Consultuing for Learning Management.


Areas of production:

  • Movies & films
  • Trailers
  • Videos
  • Commercials & Ads
  • Documentaries
  • Games
  • Online Contents
  • and more...





Thank you to everybody who supported and helped me realize this website. Especially thanks to Maria Hellsberg for support and love, Benedikt Hellsberg for cello contributions, Verena Wagner and Gudrun Pfaffl for singing contributions, Barbara Mayrhofer for the logo support, Diego Arevalo for electric guitar contributions, Mum and Dad and nature for giving me an understanding of music.