The International Horror Hotel Film Scoring Competition
Film Scoring Award Winner


The International Indie Gathering Film Scoring Competition
Honorable Mention Award Winner


Sputnik (Top 17% of 287 submissions)
Submission Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2018


SPUTNIK // Written, Directed and Produced by MAXIM ZHESTKOV // Design/Direction MAXIM ZHESTKOV // Compositing ALEXANDER KULIKOV // Animation DMITRII KOLPAKOV // Character Design BEN MAURO // Mo-Cap Actor YAROSLAV ANDRONOV // FX Artist ARTUR GADZHIEV // Charater CG Producer MAXIM MIHEENKO // Charakter Artist KONSTANTIN ILLIN // Additional Character Artist NIKITA REPLYANSKI // CG/Cinematography MAXIM ZHESTKOV // Foley Recording ANNA CIGANKOVA // 3D Character FOX 3D STUDIO // Motion Capture DA STUDIO // Foley/Sound Recording CINELAB SOUNDMIX // Sound design / music (Original) ALEXANDER PLOTNIKOV // // // # Sputnikshort // Music composed for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2018. // Music Composed by CHRISTIAN MAYRHOFER


Die Hölle (1 min extract)
Submission Wiener Filmmusik Preis 2018


Film "Die Hölle" // Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky // Production; Allegro Film, Austria 2017 // The music in this video does not represent the orginal soundtrack

Christian Mayrhofer's competition submission for the Wiener Filmmusik Preis 2018

With kind permission of the publisher, Allegro Film


Showcase of musical influence on film

 This shows an example of an embedded movie scene from "No Country for Old Men" (2007) (Source: Youtube:


1. First, watch the scene originally (start only youtube video).

2. Secondly watch it again and also start the audio file below (eight-forest composition) at the same time. Adjust the volume of the video.

3. Feel the difference.

I am currently working on new projects and submissions for various international film scoring competitions.




More pieces and scoring upon request.